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Thank you for your support of Shooting Beauty!  Proceeds from sales of our DVDs and products go directly into making Shooting Beauty programs available in communities around the world.  If you have any questions or issues with your order please contact the Shooting Beauty team directly at shootbeauty@gmail.com or (702)-469-3119.

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Contribute to the 100 Cameras Project! Curriculum & Institutional DVD DVD Institutional    Version
Contribute to the 100 Cameras Project!Curriculum & Institutional DVDDVD Institutional Version


Each $10 contribution goes directly into the 100 Cameras Project created to help bring cameras...



The Shooting Beauty curriculum includes a teacher's guide with lesson plans, discussion questions and activities   that cater to....


Bring Shooting Beauty to your classroom, library, corporation, orgnization, or community with the Institutional DVD which includes...




DVD Personal Copy Girl Scout Patch Program ADDITONAL Patches Shooting Beauty Girl Scout Patch Program Kit
DVD Personal CopyGirl Scout Patch Program ADDITONAL PatchesShooting Beauty Girl Scout Patch Program Kit


Your very own copy of the film! (for personal use only) All proceeds go towards our educational outreach. If you are purchasing for a school...


Exclusive to Girl Scouts. Additional patches to accompany the Shooting Beauty Girl Scout Patch Program.


Hello Girl Scouts!! Kit includes DVD w/ license for use within troop, hard-copy of patch program book, Shooting Beauty official...




Shooting Beauty Soundtrack CD Signed 11x17" Movie Poster Tom Herrick Limited Edition Handprint
Shooting Beauty Soundtrack CDSigned 11x17" Movie PosterTom Herrick Limited Edition Handprint


The original score from Shooting Beauty -- recorded in Extra Sensory Pictures' Editorium in one...


Own your own Shooting Beauty poster originially created for display at film festivals. Let us know if there's a special name or occasion you'd...


Limited Edition copy of Handprint created by Tom Herrick, during the production of Shooting Beauty...




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